Anyone here switch from arcade stick to Hitbox?

I occasionally have some execution problems:

  1. Jump back into fireball -> command grab
  2. Teleport -> DP
  3. Ultra 1 -> EX DP or teleport
  4. Command grab -> tandem

I recently learned about Hitboxes and immediately thought that it would be beneficial for Seth users, as it’s more accurate than a stick when it comes to directional inputs.

I played around a bit with my keyboard with Spacebar as Up, and it definitely seems to address all of the problems I listed. The only issue I have is that command grab seems a bit harder (back, down, forward, down, up) but I’m thinking it might be easier with practice.

Anyone here have any experience with a hitbox? Going to build one soon unless someone can convince me otherwise.

I don’t use a hitbox, but I’m pretty sure what you’re doing wrong.

  1. You’re probably holding :ub: too long and inputting something like this :ub::b::d::df::f: which gives SPD instead of fireball. Release :ub: as soon as you jump.
  2. You’re not pushing all 3 :p: at the same time, or you’re negative-edging.
  3. You aren’t finishing the ultra motion with :f:or you’re negative edging. Let go of :d: and be sure that you aren’t in recovery before hitting 3 :p:.
  4. You aren’t finishing the SPD motion with an :u: input. :ub::u: and :uf: all work.

I’ve used the hitbox setup and i do spd’s wiht :u::r::db::d::qcf:

both downs are needed so that i assure i have the down inputted otherwise i get your problem inputting it

I made myself a custom “hitbox” I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the SPD command as well. Usually what I do though is drum all the directional buttons in a frantic fashion and I get the SPD 99% of the time. The other 1% I get SRK. Another thing I’ve seen that works is holding down+back and tapping forward, jump, punch. My method works fine if I’ve blocked something, jumped in, FA etc., but I can’t really do standing SPDs.

For keyboards, try Down, Back, Forward, Up while inputting it as two quarter circle motions.

In the end, you just have to find out what works best for you.

Myself, I play with pad, starting the input with down-forward, and ending with forward if I’m ticking into SPD. It’s odd but works for me :slight_smile:

I’ve found a much a better way which is similar to what Xuenjing is saying. Tap forward, do a QCB, while still holding back press up+punch. Works. Every. Time. Obviously you can reverse this if you like since it doesn’t matter whether you go clockwise or counter-clockwise. I like to use 2 forward taps in the beginning to dash in, SPD, which makes it feel like you’re just dashing and doing a QCB. How could that be any simpler?