Anyone here use Gamefly?

Im just wondering if it is worth it? I have noticed that ever since I have started taking fighting games a little more seriously I haven’t really played any of the great single player games that have come out over the past couple years. Part of that is also due to not wanting to keep dishing out $60 and going back to gamestop and trading in and what not.

So people who use or have used Gamefly is it a pretty good deal?

For the super low prices starting at $7.95 for the first month I haven’t had to buy a game since! With Gamefly™ I get all the coolest and newest games right when they come out! Boy are my friends jealous!

Hell yes I use gamefly. Many games aren’t even worth buying at full price since you can beat them in 8-15 hours on average. After the 7.95 trial fee, the prices jump to 16.95 for one game, 22.95 for two games at a time, and 29.95 for three. My prices might be a bit off, but that’s the gist of them.

You can also buy and sell games from them too at discounted prices, not to mention the gamefly bucks they give you every three months. It’s a pretty good investment imo, the only downside is that they tend to run out of the hottest games at launch, and some of the older titles are harder up on availability.

They just started a new program to get games faster to people too, where they will send your game out as soon as the post office scans them, which is usually the day you send them. Try it out, it’s pretty good imo.

Thanks for the input! Yes honestly im not even really worried about the newest games right now… I have a bunch of shit on the XBox andWii I have to catch up on like Mass Effect (havent played either), Bioshock (havent played either), Borderlands, Fallout 3/New Vegas, etc.

So many good games I have missed out on that I need to catch up.

If by use you mean defraud and ridicule then yes. Nigga’s stay sending me free shit.

I’ve tried them twice and it was slow as shit. I just do the blockbuster game exchange thing when there’s a lot coming out and cancel during slow months.

I used to use GameFly.

Like you, I had a lot of games that I wanted to play that I really didn’t want to own. Games that I just wanted to beat, then move on to the next one. During that period (from Fall '10 to Winter '11) I would be play 3-4 games a month, which to me, was worth the price.

However, two things made me decide to cancel:

  1. New games were unavailable for LONG periods of time. we’re talking about a month before I’d have a chance to get it. I even tried shortening my queue of wanted games to just that one new game, and they still wouldn’t send it. It became infuriating. Maybe this won’t effect you since you want to play the older games, but just bear this in mind down the road.

  2. Super Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. When these games came out, I bought them as they are fighting games and I expect to play them regularly for months (likely years). So when I bought them, my GameFly game (Vanquish) was collecting dust. I was also playing Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2, so I was basically paying $17+tax for nothing.

However, I would recommend it in your case. Just don’t hesitate to cancel that shit if/when you’re no longer getting value from it. They’ll try to keep you on by stating that you’ll lose your gamefly bucks, but it’s chump change compared to the monthly fee anyway.

I’ve found that putting a new game in my que, at the top of my list, a few days before the game comes out guarantees it gets sent on release date. That is, of course, given that you have a slot available. I always make sure to keep a spot open a week ahead of time if there’s a new game coming out. That’s how i work around that bullshit.

But yes, cancel that shit if it’s not working for you. I myself have canceled gamefly because there’s no games out atm, but rest assured come next month I’ll be back on it.

I would only subscribe to GF if there is a backlog of single player games I want to play. Otherwise, multiplayer/fighting games are meant to be bought because the time spent on them could be in the hundreds of hours for just one game.

Its been a while but years ago, during the PS2 era, i was a long term gamefly user. Pretty good service, like the netflix equivalent for video games.

Just remember its a physical mail service, and thus a waste of money during certain times of the year(upcoming holidays, etc) when the mail is particularly congested. You’ll be waiting forever for titles to arrive and before you know it, a month will have gone by in which you barely played anything(assuming no games weren’t outright lost during the mail rush).

I recommend gamefly. I always get the game when they are released ALWAYS. They key is to have a available slot in you que open so the day its released they will send it out. If not your gonna wait awhile. Right now I have dead island and dues ex at home

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Renting games from an online gaming warehouse and new releases are still out of stock? lol.

Well there goes my consideration.