Anyone here used before?


Hey guys.

I have ordered my TE stick from on the 25th of Jan. Of course I havent gotten it yet but gameseek say they are getting smal amounts of stock every week.

However after a little research I have seen a fair amount of bad press surrounding gameseek and I am curous to see if anyone here has used them, particularly for one of the TE sticks.

It would certainly put my mind at ease if anyone here could confirm that they have recieved their TE stick from gameseek, or even if they have gotten one from one of their second wave deliveries.

Since I have paid up front for this and am now petrified that I wont get one at all and I am fairly certain that there would be no point ordering one from anywhere at this point since they will probably be discontinued after the second run.

Sorry to bother you all with my paranoid raving but this has me very very concerned.

Thanks for your time everyone