Anyone here want a DeeJay training group on PSN?



theres already one for XBL, so i figured there must be some ppl who play DeeJay on PSN…post here if you want to be in it…my PSN is jordanman13, so private message me or friend request and ill do my best…everyone here who wants to join, post this:

PSN name:
what would you rate yourself?
average play times:
requested service: (need training, want to help train ppl, just sparring)

for me:
pretty good, i can beat campaign/arcade on very hard, but online i do bad
average play times: weekends
requested service: ll train some newbs and would like to spar and train with the more experienced…

if a lot of people post here, ill make a list on my original post.


PSN name: IceColdH8rade
what would you rate yourself? - Mid-Intermediate. Play mostly online ranked to practice.
average play times: I work 6 days a week till midnight (PST). Play for at least 2 hours after work and all day wednesdays.
requested service: Sparring and combo practice. Learning n shit.

I’ve a great grasp of Dee’s fundamentals. However, there are so few DJs on PSN that I hardly get to see any GOOD ones.


What do training groups who all play the same character do?


turtle badly lol


PSN name: greyhoundbus78
what would you rate yourself? I do ok, win some lose some. My execution is garbage.
average play times: 4-5 times a week, sometimes on weekday afternoons
requested service: Mostly training. Need help timing AAs, poke strings, and applying pressure.

I second IceColdHaterade. I’ve not met a single DeeJay on PSN ranked matches and I think some of my wins are a result of people’s unfamiliarity with the character.



i play different characters. my main is Rog and i would like experience against deejay. I’m down.


Ok, we could try some matches, the diff between Connecticut and Poland is +6 for PL.
I’m usually available from 10pm to midnight, which would be from 4pm to 6pm in your location.
BTW, regarding your signature, I know a very good Gen player.


PSN name: SpiritofHokuto
what would you rate yourself? Intermediate
average play times: - Couple of hours a day
requested service: Training with links, poke strings, pressure and combos and ways to confuse opponents.

I’m fairly good at not doing the obvious against shotos but I need more practice.

Some of my replays that I saved are pretty zany against T.Hawk and Dhalsim as well.


PSN name: Tentacles00
what would you rate yourself? average or so with Deejay (60% win rate) my main Rog is close to 90% rate but playing online is mainly against scrubs.
average play times: usually after 8 or 10pm EST
requested service: just sparring, I want to fight more Deejay’s and see everyone’s style, I think out of all the matches I played on ranked I only fought 1 Deejay mirror and the guy sucked.

Add me on PSN and let me know you’re from SRK.


i need to change that lol but thanks. i don’t fear gen any more. i’m not a beast in the match up but i’ve watched enough and have seen asiantom play.


Well I win and lose, what you going to do?
Between 6 and 11 uk time.
Not really bothered.
I think we should say our alts too, mine are rose and guy.


Also not to hate onyou but I don’t think beating campaign on very hard makes you pretty good, no offense I’ve beaten it on hardest and I’m not pretty good.


I’m down. Glad I found this forum. I’ve been primarily using DeeJay with mixed success since this game came out. He’s my favorite character.

PSN name: Bapuji

I’d rate myself as slightly above-average (C+), which is incidentally what my DeeJay is ranked (:rofl:) I am very efficient with cross-ups, MGU’s, and scissor kicks. I am pretty good both zoning and rushing down with DeeJay. I am fairly efficient with his super and both Ultras, meaning I can successfully discharge them upwards of 75% of the time, and connect (unblocked) about 60-70%.

I have difficulty blocking combo strings, particularly from the right side. My wakeup game could be a lot stronger. My largest area of need is an inability to effectively block string with DeeJay. Currently the only string I have successfully implemented on a regular basis is corner opponent -MGU-Climax Beat.

Average Playing Time: 1-2 hours a day, more on weekends

Requested Service: Sparring, Training with Links, combo strings, Wakeup and blocking suggestions, Can help train DeeJay Noobs, and/or anyone that is having a difficult transition with using charge characters.


What is good execution classed as in this sort of community? I’ve got cr.lp, 95%, I can do the ultra and supper commands 100% (Which I never realised people have problems with), never really get the wrong special (very occasionally an mgu instead of max out), I haven’t tried ex mgu dash u2 but i will say with confidence I can’t do it. What standard is this?


PSN name: Ugochukwu
what would you rate yourself? decent i guess? haven’t lost a dj mirror yet
average play times: 4 times a week
requested service: just looking for some practice, maybe try to develop more mind games


deejay doesn’t take high execution. can you play other characters like viper ibuki? those are high execution. so is Gen. I can do viper and ibuki combos in training but in a fight. . . . .


Yeah, that’s what I wondered when some people were saying they had good execution. I’ve never really put muchtime into them but at the moment om kind of the same, get them all down in training but wouldn’t want try them in a match, then again I have never really played them in a match. Also for gen my pianoing is very basic like not much more than pianoing chun’s hk xx ex legs :’)


PSN name: cheesedoodles408
what would you rate yourself? a bit above average.
average play times: weekends all day or weekdays around 8 pm.
requested service: I wana explore other characters to find one im good at so I thought I should try Deejay out more. I main balrog but im getting bored of playing only one character but hes the only one i really know


PSN: RAYeiou
what would you rate yourself? Eh, I get hatemail saying “annoying” and “irritating” a lot. I’m 99% rush, but terrible at zoning.
average play times: nights
requested service: I’m down to beat people into learning the DeeJay matchup. Need Balrog/Blanka/Bison mains to kick my ass into learning their matchup. I mained Zangief in vanilla but I’ve been 100% deejay since super came out.


PSN name: palmerfan
what would you rate yourself? I just started using him, I am not a noob though. I can do a few of his combos.
average play times: I jump on and off a lot, in EST.
requested service: Just basic practice, mirror matches, and tips would be good.

I use almost everyone, but Dee Jay is my favorite as of now.