Anyone here work for AT&T or Verizon in USA? got a question


I live in Canada and am wondering if i would be able to sign up for an iphone data plan with either AT&T or Verizon? My friend said I could use his USA address.
Will i be able to bring the phone back to Canada and use its data plan without incurring any long distance charges? specifically on the LTE network?
reason im looking into this is because Canada sucks balls when its comes to mobile data plan. the biggest plan we have is a 6gb data plan for about $40 and that’s not including any voice or text.

any info would be appreciated, thanks!




It would be cheaper for you to just do unlimited with sprint with international add on for about 5$ a month (like 7c a min or so to canada) or pay an extra 15 to use your anytime minutes.

Att is about 4$ for the canda monthly add on and about 19c a min for wirelss/landline. I can tell you that Att has overall better service than sprint (stateside) but depending where you are sprint has the advantage and will be cheaper in the long run due to unlimited. Im a GM at ATT and have both sprint(personal) att(business)

As for Verizon? Verizion has the best service in the states…no doubt. Its not even close but, they also have the shittiest plans and are pretty expensive compared to Sprint/Att. From what i remember i beleive verizon has a nationwide plan that shares with your anytime minute plan. Just know that you will be spending more money with verizon bc your data packet is going to be seperate service they do the whole “share everything” bullshit.

So again Id say go with either sprint or att. In the end it really is just gonna boil don to how much data you use…if you use alot? stay far away from verizon…


thank you very much for a very informative post :slight_smile:
it sounds like i’ll be going with Sprint for their unlimited data plan and i’ll add international. How much is the sprint unlimited data plan per month?
and just to clarify, do you know if i would get LTE service with Sprint in Canada?

yep i’ll be using a ton of data as i do streaming so thats the reason i’m looking for an unlimited LTE data plan.


I use the 450 everything data plan on sprint. Its like 92$ a month after taxes. And thats 450 mins(since i dont talk on the phone) unlimited texts and data. And minutes are free after 7pm. As far as you getting the 4g lte service? Thats going to depend on whether you have a 4g lte tower in your specific or general area. If not its going to be 3g. I honestly dont know canada that well enough to know specific areas…im going to assume tho if you live in a city you should have 4g lte access. But even stateside its not completely everywhere yet


i wont be using any voice minutes at all on this phone since i have my local cell phone. is it possible to get only a data plan?
ok that answers my question about LTE. i do get LTE service here in Calgary.
thanks again my friend for the answers.