Anyone here work for Capcom?


I’m getting totally ignored at this point and wasn’t sure where else to turn because I can only leave so many voicemails and emails. Nothing too juicy here, I arranged a replacement of sfxt to be sent to me as my disc was defective back last november. they were initially responsive through their email system and finally gave me the address to ship my disc which I did right away. That was the last I heard from them. All my emails were sent through my registered account here so I know they’ve received them. I’ve also left 4 or 5 voicemails on their 650-350-6700 number, and called it twice that many times, never once getting a pickup, always an automated message. I realize this is a crazy amount of effort to go through for a $15 product but I’m sort of mystified by the lack of customer service and handing all around. Basically I’m looking for an explanation just as much as I am my long overdue replacement game. Couldn’t think of anywhere else to go as I’ve exhausted their contact information as far as I know. Any ideas here?


My friend’s dad works for Capcom.


You are on the wrong part of the internet, you need to complain here -


You’ve come to the right place, this is not actually an unofficial fighting game website, but a top secret forum where CEOs of games companies from around the world gather under anonymous user tags to answer customer service questions and gather opinions on what could be done to improve their products and services.

Since I’m only a receptionist I’m afraid I cannot resolve this issue for you myself but if you just keep an eye on this thread I’ll copy in the head of Capcom’s American division and your problem shall be resolved as soon as possible.



Uh. Ok.

Where did you buy this? I hope it wasn’t at Game Stop, because if so I cannot possibly describe how easy it is to literally just go back to the store and ask for a replacement.

Secondly, I’m not sure why you thought SRK is some kind of proxy vendor for Capcom. You’re gonna have to either keep pestering them to get a new copy, or just go out and spend another 8 goddamn bucks getting a used copy or something.

Thirdly…even if you happened to come into contact with a user on here who DOES work for Capcom, what exactly would they do for you that someone on the phone hasn’t already done?

Why is this a thread :rofl:


Hi park,

I work for Capcom and I’d like to apologise for this unfortunate event.

Rest assured this is just an isolated case and not a trend in our customer base.

Could you please PM me the details of the issue and I’ll endeavor to resolve it as soon as possible.



I do apologize for the lack of customer service you have recieved in regards to this issue; I understand that your time is valuable and as a member of exceptional customer service I cannot stress enough how important your inquiry is. Here at Capcom we strive to deliver exceptional service to insure that you as the customer is extremely satisfied with our products and services. Please allow up to 72 business hours while your inquiry is processed and a customer service representative will return your call with a decision. Thank you for choosing Capcom as your entertainment provider

Thanks for playing, presented by capcom!



I just came in here to say my uncle works for Nintendo.

God damn Raz0r.


My brother works for Ubisoft.


This doesn’t seem like a joke. Do me a favor? Ask him if he’s heard about LS Mafia. I saw a trailer on Facebook and I can’t find anything about it. Ubisoft logo appears at the beginning.


Capcom here.
We’re trying to do you a favor. We were ignoring you on purpose. What would you do if you made guns and I was like “I bought a handgun and I wanted to shoot myself, but it keeps jamming”? It’s obvious that, in good faith we cannot allow you to play SFxT. We were very, very drunk when we released it, and like a shame of soiling yourself at a party, it just won’t go away. We tried to fix it, we tried to cover the smell and say it was the dog…but to no avail, the damage is done, all we can do is burn those clothes and cut off all ties to that dude whose couch we ruined. Please cut your losses, never speak of it again and go pick up Aquapazza. That is a GREAT game. Man, did you know Tamaki in To-Heart 2 (X-rated) lets you put it in her butt? Why wouldn’t you make a character like that your main? She has eye lasers and a giant swing, which does like…40 percent damage. Holy shit. Is that righteous or what?



honestly, go rent the game and swap the disc


Hello customer,

I am a customer service representative with Capcom and deal with issues like this on a daily basis. Please send me a copy of your receipt, bank statement, and e-mail address via private message on these forums. Please continue to use General Discussion with future claims and thank you very much for choosing Capcom.

Yoshinori Ono


@ park

Please post here send me your full name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, home address, active bank account number with routing number, Social Security number, email with your email password as well as your facebook user name and password and we should get to you in 6 to 8 weeks not including holidays, weekends, birthdays and Thursdays.

We should get you sorted out with a copy of the SF X T disc.

Totally Capcom and not a scamer on the internet


Aren’t we not supposed to be able to start threads until after a month after we’ve been here a month?


…are you fkn high



You should receive the first half pf the game in 3-5 business days however, you will need to pay a small fee to get the other half.


I do. sup??


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