Anyone holding NYC Sessions

I was wondering if anyone holding sessions in N.Y. Maybe I can come and level up and also, meeting new players.

you can always go to next level around fridays/saturdays to level up.

Thanks I was thinking of hitting up that place this Friday. A lot of good people are over there those days?

I told you before. If you want to come out to long island we do sessions often and tourneys all the time. Any of you from ny are invites through me to come to a BBQ, tourney, session in Freeport long island. Pm me for details. Usually 10 for venue (food, drink, etc) and 10 to enter ae.

Next level is a must.

I know Kail it was like mad long ago lol. But, I will PM later on tonight about information on how to get there and stuff and thanks. Next Level always a must lol.

We pretty much meetup every week. Usually it’s BREAK in Astoria one week and Fishmarket Restaurant in South St. Seaport the other. Good players and really cool, friendly people. No pads. :frowning:

ps. There’s a meetup tomorrow, Tuesday the 15 at the seaport.