Anyone in CT/NYC area w/ 2 extra White/Black OBSF-30's or Clear PS-14-KN's for Sale?


Anyone in CT/NYC area w/ 2 extra White/Black OBSF-30’s or Clear PS-14-KN’s for Sale?

just need two buttons, hoping to avoid buying from LL and Aki cuz of overload of orders and wait.



where you the twinkie dude at anime castle lol. I think you should have posted in the tech thread. Highly doubt you’ll be able to get just 2 buttons for someone. I guess try ebay but they will most likely sell them by more quantity then 2.


haha yeah thats me. i didnt do so well in the tournament. i didnt have my stick with me cuz i didnt expect to go to it and i cant play on button layout of their store hori HRAP (that upside down V). who won the tournament by the way?

i did post in the tech forums too but i guess it was frowned upon to trade/buy there.

yeah its hard to get hardware for sticks righ now. aki and lizard licks are closed for orders righ now and ebay costs a shit load. like 20 bucks for 2 buttons.