Anyone in FLA know a store that would have SSF4 early?

im asking in the gief thread since i know there are a couple of gief mains that live in florida…

did you guys find a mom and pop store for sf4?

any info would be greatly appreciated…

and yes i am hype for super

Hey 2ton you might have better luck on the regional match making section.

I also am hyped for super but only know about midnight releases in chicago.

yea i will ask there just posted in here since there are a couple of miami players using gief

edit -

they dont allow non tournament based threads over there at the matchmaking section…

so is there another section i can post in regarding this subject?

sf4 section probably?

'Gief Main Not in Miami

Same as the Pimp in Chicago said. You might be looking at Midnight Release. Unless you’re real chummy with a GameStop manager. Game Stop is whack, but I’ve seen it happen. They’ll do something like have you pay off a pre-order and give you the copy when they receive it and ring it out when the game releases. After that it’s all on you, because if you run the game early you might be looking at account/system bans. You can say Game Stop gave it to you early but really they didn’t sell it.

guess no one else has any insider info for the florida area or are just hiding it to themselves lol…

o well only 2 and a half more weeks to go

well, if you go to final round they walt said they are going to have it early so, they might have that shit by now.