Anyone In Naperville, IL (or nearby suburb)?

hey guys, just wanted to see if there are any street fighter fanatics around my area near Naperville, IL. it would be nice to join someone’s gathering/meetups or just to meet/play with some people in real life. =)

life is pretty busy for me now-a-days, but if anyone is close by it’ll make heading out there much easier.

If you haven’t already, you should post an introduction in the Chicago thread. Most of the suburban players post in there periodically. Myself, I live close in plainfield, but I know there are others around the area, so switch to the Chicago thread to find who’s nearby.

did you mean the “more popular than porn” thread?

i posted there to introduce myself, on page 400. i find it really hard to navigate there though. there seems to be a lot of inside jokes, and references to meetup spots that everyone already knew about… so no one really post much details and that made it pretty hard for a newbie like me to participate.

i also didn’t really get a feel of where everybody is from and what not, but i didn’t see any one mention anything near Naperville area. =\