Anyone in need of #00 issues?

Out of curiousity, does anyone need any SF #00 issues? Specifically:

  • Dynamic Forces sketch variant
  • Dynamic Forces BLACK FOIL sketch variant
  • San Diego Comic Convention variant

Just wondering how many people don’t have these and want them.


I would love to get my hands on a copy of issue 0. I dont care for all the fancy covers and shit, i just wanna read em. i only just got issue 7 and the TPB. so im missing all the back stories. :frowning:
australia sucks.(when it comes to comics)

i hav the DF Sketch Cover variant (minus the black foil)

therefore i hav at least one cover for each #0-7 but think it’d b cool to get my hands on the arnold tsang cover to #0, but i’m more then happy with what i hav already

Master Coco - the TPB should include issue #00. Issue #00 didn’t have a backstory, although it did have a character dossier deal in the back. I don’t know if that’s in the TPB, but it’s nothing spectacular.

Alright, guys… the only reason why I asked is because I’ve been doing business with this comic dealer and he has over 10 copies of the DF sketch variant and about 10 of the San Diego variant he can give me for a pretty good price. Since I already have them, I was considering maybe buying some up and hooking up some of the fellow forum members here that had been having a hard time getting them. Nothing’s final yet, but the sketch may be around $6 and the San Diego around $8.

Post if you’re interested at all. I considered buying them all up for myself, but then I thought of the other fans :).


Hey Kent,

Do they have DF certificates??? If so, hook me up with a sketch as well. I have the foil sketch but a normal one would be nice as well.

Mohammed Ali

i might b interested in a san diego comic con one

where abouts r u situated, kentdog?



i’m interested in some

Mohammed - yes, they do come with a certificate of authenticity as well as the holographic seal stickers.

yikhai - I’m located in Iowa, USA. I’m not sure how much shipping to the UK costs, but I can check the details once everyone’s wants are final.

I need to let the seller know by next Tuesday how many I want, so either post or send me an e-mail if you’re interested for sure. It’s first come, first serve!


The TBP has Ryu training and stuff from issue 0. But doesn’t have the Sagat and Ryu fight. That’s in issue 0 right?

I think you’re referring to the backup story in issue#1, done by Joe “Mad.” Issue #00 is included in the TPB, minus the character profiles in the back.


Rupps comics has a couple copies of SF#0

Last call!

Wow, but for $25 + shipping? That’s a little steep.

Anyhow, for everyone remotely interested, I need to let the seller know by tomorrow how many I want, so if you’re interested, drop me an (another) e-mail, so I know how many to get. I think the more I get, the better the deal, which will then be passed onto you guys, since I’m not a business, but a fan like everyone else here.

But yeah, the San Diego variant looks to be $8-some right now and the Dynamic Forces sketch cover to be $6-ish. I hope there is enough interest in this, as I probably won’t do it if not that many people want in (I already have all the covers :)).

So let me know guys!

This might be a little late but, I need the San Diego Comic Convention (the one with their original colors, not variant or alternate color).

I have all the issue out now except #00. :slight_smile:

sent u a PM kentdog as i can’t find ur e-mail

If this is too late KentDog I apologise, but if not thanks for the offer should you go ahead :slight_smile:
I am desperately in need of a non-foil sketch cover, if it is too late or my location is a problem no worries but I thought that I would ask since you’re offering :slight_smile:

Alright, guys… I just made the order with my seller. For everyone wondering if you guys made it in time, you did (since I woke up pretty late today :))… I got your PMs, and I’ve ordered extras for you guys.

I can ship out of the country, but I have no idea what that costs. But let me reassure you guys, you’d be paying what I paid and nothing more.

I would prefer to communicate through e-mail ( over private messages (as I rarely check these). So please drop me an e-mail letting me know exactly what you guys want. I can go to the post office and get an estimate how much shipping would be if you left me your address.


Crap, bit late, but if you happen to end up with random spares, I need a copy of any #00 issue. Of course, I’m in New Zealand, so I guess it depends on the price.


Damn. I just saw this thread.:frowning:

if you find yourself with extras of the above 2, PLEASE let me know. Thanks.

fluxcore and RandomNigga - I’ll see what I can do. It shouldn’t be too late, as I can still contact my seller. He just promised to hold all #00 issues until this last Tuesday, so I don’t know if he still has them all.

Please e-mail me:

Price should be close to what was posted, plus ACTUAL shipping costs. You guys aren’t gonna pay any more than I do.


Slight delay.

Just so everyone who was interested in #00 issues know, it may take a little longer than I expected to finalize this thing (I have to front quite a bit of money, as I am getting other things from this dealer). But it will be done (hopefully within the next week or so). So I hope no one needs these in a rush.

Thanks for being understanding!