Anyone in or around Bucks County, PA?

Y helo thar, I’m in Bucks County, Langhorne to be exact, and I’m wondering if anyone wants to make the journey to play with me (will have me come and play you). I play Third Strike and Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (Only because it’s the newest, I have slash and XX too). Kinda scrubby at the moment, but I’ll play anyone. Hit my AIM up (Hahano9) or PM/post if you’re down.




Dude, Warren, your new Live tag is the best ever.

Hey Hahano. You should try coming to Cyborg One’s Fight Nights some time. There are a couple of players for both 3s and GGAC. Here’s the thread if you’re interested.

Meat Truck for the mother fuckin win!

Rape rape.

Diaf, Pete.

Pete aka fellow Team Member of team Tom A. Toe


Guess no one posts on here huh?

Well ill keep it alive hehehe



This thread is dead huh?

Keep posting someone should pop up or sumthin.


Just keep on with this


I’ll have to remember this thread when I actually get my Driver’s License. ><

No don’t worry about it, Therapist LOVES going out of his way to pick people up.

I love it so much, I’ve started denying people rides left and right because I’m tired of being the car whore every single trip.

I say us car whores go on strike.

I would say I feel bad for grabbing rides off Therapist…then I remember I like 5 minutes away…Harim, give me your address or some shit and we’ll see how far we’re talking. Maybe I could swing by your place or something.

where’s bucks county related to monroe? i’m not good with PA geography…