Anyone in San Jose (or near it) have Xbox 360 + HDR to prep for fuddruckers?

Is there anyone in San Jose CA (or campbell, Santa Clara near SJ) that has Xbox 360 and HDR? If so, would it be cool if my friend and I could get some practice sessions to prepare for Fuddruckers tourney this sunday. We normally play ST and need practice with HDR to get used to the adjustments made in the game like with Honda, etc.

I would really appreciate any help you can provide,:cool:

Shinobi Master

16 view and no replies of anyone who has an xbox 360 to lend me or practice against me in silicon valley?

concord is your best bet man…

Im down. but I dont have a place to do it at.

Cool bro! I sent you a PM… my friend will bring tv and arrange session at my place.
PM me back ASAP please


Shinobi Master

new pm sent

Another new pm sent bro …do you have a tv you could bring…if not i wonder if Xbox 360 can hook up to a computer monitor