Anyone in Santa Cruz or Surrounding?

Hey I’m up here until wed, checked out that arcade over there on the boardwalk. Man that place is DEAD. I felt bad :(.

When I found the SF4 Cabinet there as one kid playing fuerte. I figured I’d see what was up so I toss in my tokens. 1 perfect and a free ultra later the guy gets up and takes off. I felt terrible. This poor kid was probably just checking out the game and some nobody comes out of nowhere and bodies him.

I sat there for about 30 minutes, beat arcade mode twice and finally just gave up.

Now I’m here until wed afternoon and I have no idea what to do. Any of you guys down to hang out for a bit? Maybe play a couple of games somewhere ? Or at least hit me with a spot that has some decent players that roll through ?

TL;DR In santa cruz until wed. Lookin for something to do.

Try the santa cruz thread :stuck_out_tongue: