Anyone in the 845 poughkeepsie down to play

there is an arcade around here that even has 3s! If anyone is intrested is playing around here my email is and my xbox live gamertag is SuPA H0T boii thats a zero for the hot. Lemme know though.

Last I checked that machine originated from the Hudson valley mall and it was busted often. I’ve seen it in poughkeepsie and it wasn’t even on. Is it working properly finally? Wouldn’t mind throwing some quarters in it. You can add my gamertag if you want to play some AE.

xbox live: TLG kornstew

I have third strike but I’m pretty bad at it. I just play that game for kicks.

The first player on the machine is funky lol ill add you tonight i havent played AE in a while my xbox is busted getting it fixed so it might be a couple days but ill be playing 3s OE while its fixed.

Iplayed the machine last week and yea, the 1st player side directionals didn’t work. up,down,left,right worked but if you went diagonal, it didn’t register lol. I’ve seen inside that machine, its a hot mess. a SHAME! I did manage to actually win 5 matches despite not being able to do special moves or crouch block. I sure miss the real arcade days. I haven’t been online if forever so your invite might be in lingo but i’ll get there eventually

Hey man, we host tournaments with 3s as one of our 3 feature games in Newburgh! You should come through, we have some pretty skilled 3s players in the area. :slight_smile: