Anyone in the 951

I recently had a few conversations with the guy who works on the Arcade Machines at the pool hall I frequent called the Q Club. Over the course of a few weeks, since every time he would come in I was playing MCV2, we got to talking (No, I’m not any good. I still cling to my mid-tier characters.) Apparently, he was interested in changing over a few of the machines there to the more money making fighting games. Before he’d even finished his sentence I’d listed off the shortlist of what needed to be there, and he was kind enough to indulge me in polite conversation about SF.

Lo and behold, a few weeks later, I walk in to find next to the much loved MVC2 machine, a SF:3S machine. :smiley:

The total roster for the whole place is:

SVChaos 2
Tekken Tag Tourney (how old is that game?)
Tekken 4

So there’s some good ones there, and some not. The point is, if there’s enough interest, I’m damn sure he’ll bring other popular ones. So, if anyone is in the area or lives in the area bring your patronage to the Q-Club just near the corner of Jefferson and Via Montezuma. It’s a great place with both music, a bar and of course, games. I’m a tall gangly white boy that makes a lot of noise and even when the place was packed to the gills and I headed someone with a que ball, I’ve never seen trouble.

Check it out, it’s closer then Game Works…and cheaper too.

Jefferson and Via Montezuma? Is this in Temecula? I live hella close there when I’m not at school up in Riverside, and I thought arcades in Temecula were all dead (especially after the shitty arcade at the mall closed down), so this is a nice surprise…

Oh yes. these machines have been there for months, if not years. And yes, it’s in Temecula. If you get of the 15 at Winchester you go opposite the mall and turn left at the Jack-in-the Box towards the In-N-Out. Via Monte is just past that.

I’m fairly sure that the people who run the Q-Club are cool enough to allow tourneys. They only really have one night of the week they specify for pool tourneys.

Hmmm… I might visit this place during my break. How often do people play there? And what are the ideal times to go there for competition? I play almost everything, so it shouldn’t be hard to get some games in with me…

P.S. Tell them to get rid of Tekken 4 and put in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection if they want to keep up to date. Oh, and by SvChaos 2, do you mean SNK vs. Capcom? Or Capcom vs. SNK 2? Because one is an extremely horrible crapfest and the other is a decent fighter (the one that’s being played at Evo)…

Couldn’t tell you for sure as far as good times for comp. I think a lot of people in the area don’t know those games where there. I’m not even able to do consistent air combo’s yet I don’t really ever get my ass handed to me when I play random people there. Thats kind of the reason I piped up so people might possibly start coming.

And unfortunatly, I’m sure they SVC game is the crapfest one. I abhor playing it. It’s the one with Mr. Karate and stages called ‘nude place’. I really hope thats not the one that’s being played at Evo…

Like I said, the guy is down for having his games played, MVC2 was his only real money maker there besides House of the Dead 1(which, coincidentally I’ve damn near memorized…) So the more we play, the better games we’ll get.

And of course, games are still @ 1 quarter a play. Which reminds me, there’s actually an older machine there with Fatal Fury…2 I believe. So that’s on the list as well.

lol this place actually sounded decent until you mentioned it was in bumfuck temurkula

I rem you your that guy I played @ that Tournament we ran there about a month ago. I was the short dude with the long hair.

Better then driving >1 hr to AI or Regency.

But, I can one up even that. There’s a new bowling alley in Lake Elsinore, not everything is active yet, but I couldn’t find any fighters. But all their games are so japanese they don’t even say how many tokens they run off of, they just have increments of Yen. All the instructions are in Japanese :-/ Makes getting a license of F-Zero a little difficult.


Whats so bad about Temecula?



is the damage still set on high?

from what i remember, a lot of shitheads go to the q club on a regular basis

Damage is high, but not as high as it was, no more 50% with Bloodia Punch.

No one ever bothers me there, I would assume it all depends on how abrasive you act towards the other people there. Last few months haven’t even really been all that busy.

So you’re saying it’s still high, but Bloodia Punch doesn’t do 50% damage anymore? Wouldn’t that mean it’s on normal damage now?

And are the machines those big cabs? Or small cabs where people have to shoulderfuck each other just to try to play a game?

And if by how abrasive you act towards the other people = how badly you beat them down, then we might have a problem here. :confused: If not, well, carry on…

save your quarters, buy a stick, and play at home

Yo. I live in Murrieta. PM me if you want to play sometime. Is there anyway you could tell them to change the damage to normal? Post up or AIM me whenever yo uwant to play and I’ll try to make it

Hokay…answering in order of appearance. From what I would guess it’s on normal, landing a bloodia or something of that level of damage used to be pretty much death for a character; no longer.

No one comes here to play these games, so people who can’t play or don’t even know what the game is typically avoid the cab. Everyone I’ve played, even the one who got one LP before he was wiped walked away cool. Like I said, no one’s ever screwed with me there.

MVC2 is on a big cab, 3S is on a small cab, Tekken is on a big cab, and everything else is on a small cab, iirc.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this place ain’t no AI, or prolly even a James Games. The thing it IS however, is nearby. So by all means, pull the “Eww god, boonies…” deal. That kinda the reason I brought it up. :wonder:

haha I lived in Elsinore for 15 years and moved to OC for school. I never once thought there would be anything like this. Sad how the 3s machine is on a small cab but ill check it out early July. I will be sure to keep my expectations low tho.

When do you want to play?

Pick a day and time this week and I’ll see if I can make it.

This place is garbage and nobody should waste their time with it, seriously. Sorry Heber but after what your boss did that one day I seriously would not support anything he profits from. Only reason anyone should check this place out is if they like to purchase overpriced bottled beer or like to play pool.

Besides it’s in fucking Temecula…who the fuck lives there? If you do live there, move.