Anyone in the Burbank area?

Anyone in Burbank that plays Marvel, Skullgirls, SFxT or KoFXIII? Im looking for offline sparring partners.

I’m in San Fernando, California
Ehh, close enough…
Me and a friend are looking for people to level up with.
He plays Soul Calibur 5, SfxT and UmvC3
I play AE, UmvC3, KoFXIII, and Melee.

What city do yall live in? and do you have room to host?

I live in the city of San fernando
138 North Hubbard Avenue apartment #13 San Fernando, California
Just use Google maps to see how far…
Do you have facebook? What is it.
Lol room to host what… I go to college and still stay with my family… so no party’s or tournaments or anything.
But my room is big enough with 2 Tvs, good internet, and a laptop to level up with. Hehe
Games I got are…
Mvc1, MvC2, UmvC3
Sf3 and sf4ae
Melee, Brawl

I live in Sherman Oaks, i’d be down to play. i suck though. Still pretty new.