Anyone in the Fairfield/Vacaville area willing to meet up and have a local tournament?

I know there is Ramnation but I’m wondering if anyone wants to meet up in the 707 area?


I’m down to play. I live close to Cooper elementary.

Still, go to ramnation if you want to meet 707 ppls.

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Yeah I met some of the Ramnation peeps who are usually at tilt arcade. I want to level up my gaming through locals

What do you play? I focus on marvel & sg, trying to learn kof

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I mainly play SF4, I use to play Marvel. I’m thinking of getting into KOF.

Womp womp. I don’t play AE at all.

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Ah… AE is the only game I feel I can be decent on. Anything else is I’m getting scraped!

I’m down. Been playing ae lately.

Feeling that Mac Dre avatar. I was raised in Rich/Oakland.

I don’t know what happened to the marvel scene in 707 but I’m down to play if you guys ended up setting up a practice session.

Only ppl who play Marvel really are me, Kevin & Mark. Tyler & CJ recently started playing a little to practice for EVO, but they’re still mostly on that KOF grind. Ramnation (when it happens) is pretty much KOF. Recently, I’ve been going to Davis on Fridays to play at the DFGClub.
“Travel elsewhere”: That’s pretty much our marvel scene at the moment.

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ok thanks for the info hagure

Yo charles we should session up soon. Been too long.

fo sho dude. glad to hear you’re still playing bro. yeah, just post up when you’re having a practice sesh and I’ll do my best to swing by

Did you want to play today? I’m free now.

My bad dude just saw this. Weekdays are bad for me bro I have work during the day and school during night time. This weekend or Friday?

I know I’m late again. But someone hit me up if you wanna game. 510 292 6956 I livebin suisun next to raleys aha!

Live in *

^^this guy up here asks me to add him on XBL to play AE online like 6 months ago and then never plays^^ haha lol

He’s a marvel head, mostly. You should go to ramdan-nations at least once to meet people. AE players are rare here, but they’re dedicated.

Also, try davis, sac. Much more AE over there.