Anyone in the lacey,WA area

HI, ive been on this board for years (used to go by Ultratekken) but i just recently moved from VA and used to play with LOC,Scarymashpotatos, and jin master and was wondering if anyone played marvel in the area? i could use the practice and just have some causual matches! if so let me know!

You’d realistically have to venture closer to Federal Way/Kent area for competition. Guilty Gear is more popular in the southern end of the state… Seattle is where Marvel’s at.

ahhh really doesnt matter, i play them all, its just around here its pretty dead! i cant even find a dreamcast around here! but im going to look into that!

Ask on the trading outlet on the forums here, maybe. A lot of people have more than one dreamcast… or maybe eBay.

Anyway man, welcome to the area! :party: Fresh meat is always good. :woot:

If you’re interested in getting serious on the guilty gear action, Sytha is in Federal Way and is pretty active about recruiting people into the scene and stuff. There’s regular Redmond gatherings but you wanna look on dustloop for those postings anyway…

Come to one of Zach (Preppy)'s bi-monthly gatherings every other Friday! Lots of beastly Marvel players (like I said, you gotta hit up seattle for the mean competition), and then varied players of VF5, ST (sf2 super turbo), etc, there’s some tekken players if I recall correctly, but the most emphasized games are those three. There’s drinking & poker & gaming all night and it’s in general just a good time, and a good introduction to the scene.

Welcome to the area.

The Olympia Tilt shut down just about a year ago, but that used to be the only decent place for games. There were about 4 of us who were serious marvel players that would travel to Seattle (and about 5 other decent players), but the only two who still live there (Dave and Saige) don’t play anymore. There’s a good chance they’d be up for games at some point, though. If I talk to either of them, I’ll be sure to pass on the word that you’re around. Also, I’m occasionally through town, and although I’ve barely played the last two years, I’m usually good for some rounds. I’m sure the old crew would be good for a session or two if I come through.

Other than that, I think Seattle’s your best bet.


yes, if your around the area please PM me and get some poeple together because i need to play badd! im located at brittnay lane apts (by best buy and home depot!)

So have you found any arcades to play at in the Olympia area? I used to go to Capital Mall Tilt all the time in 90’s didn’t really play much after that…

As for looking for a dreamcast go ahead & check out the pawnxchange…That’s where i got mine awhile back…

Im in Pierce county area.

Closes thing right now.

The scene up there is dead…

there is a laser tag spot located in lacey. it is called laser fun zone. dont know about the address though. it is right off of ruddel road though. the sticks are alright by alright i mean playable. i have been there a couple of times but i dont think anyone that goes over there plays seriously or at a "high level"
if you are interested still in playing some marvel i would be down for some games whenever. just post up here i guess.

I’ve seen that place…They have arcades there? Any old school games like Hyper Fighting or ST?

nope…but they have tekken 4

I heard about some new arcade that’s been poppin around on TV…

Rumor has it. It was on channel 5…

Anyone who wants to play any kind of Marvel whatsoever in the Olympia/Tumwater/Lacey area, send me a PM.

Jason: If you can get ahold of Dave or Saige for me, that would be great. I’ve played a lot of Marvel in the last couple of years, and would like to think I’ve improved a bit. I want to know how well I’d fare now.

Olympia Tilt is coming back, fools.

Do you know when Tilt is opening again?

Well, I saw Dave (Assquatch) downtown randomly last month, and he told me “Tilt is opening up next month, check it out”. I was super stoked on it (I had JUST had a dream the night before that the Tilt had come back, it was eerie), so I went immediately to the mall offices to see if it was true. They told me that it’s going up in the food court, right by the entrance to Best Buy, across from Hot Dog on a Stick.

I check back in there from time to time, and I haven’t really seen anything come to fruition yet. I have faith that it’ll be soon, though.

The real scary part is the idea that there might not be any quality 2D fighters there. I hope we get the old Marvel cab back from Federal Way. :sad:

I never really liked the Capital Mall tilt, i was a usual at the South Sound Mall Goldmine which later turned to Tilt…Ahhh the memories…Anyway yeah i hope we can get some kind of old school SF game there like Hyper Fighting or even ST…

I went into the new Tilt today, and it was really weird. The setup of the arcade reminded me of the old Tacoma Mall. The old Marvel cab is back, and the 2P side still has a P360 stick. P1 has a competition stick, but it works out just fine.

Outside of Marvel, the only fighting games are SvC: Chaos, Tekken 4 and Soul Calibur 2. I’m bummed that there’s no CvS2, since Olympia had far more CvS2 players than Marvel, but here’s to hoping people will actually play Marvel now that it’s back.