Anyone In the SoCal Area?

Has anyone here gone to the Super Arcade in Walnut right next to Mt. SAC college? I’ve been there a few times when I found out a TvC arcade machine was there, and made me addicted to it, though there were only about 3 other people I played against (majority of the people were at the SFIV and Tekken 6 machines).

Mods will probably move this because I don’t think this belongs here. Next time, try going to the Regional Matchmaking -> Pacific South -> SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

But you’re not the only person in SoCal looking to play new people at TvC. I and two friends of mine play at Denjin Arcade in Simi Valley. It’s about 40 min. an hour west away from Super Arcade. You should come up if we ever have anything planned. Hellfromabove is planning to a run a tourney some time in March at Denjin (if enough people show up).