Anyone in the Sunnyvale, CA Area?

Is there anyone in the sunnyvale, CA area who is intrested in weekly meet ups at Golf Land Arcade? I am not a pro myself or any good for that matter but I am a big fan and hopefully can meet more people and improve my game. I want to get into the competetive scene. Anyone who is intrested, leave a post. If enough people are intrested, we can all meet up and have some great/fun games together.

Hi Jason816,

It’s great to see you want to play and improve, that’s a great mindset, keep that because it’ll make the learning experience more fun. I regret to inform you that you’ve stumbled into the wrong Region for matchmaking. The NorthWest pertains mostly from Oregon and North, and Idaho and West.

I’d suggest checking out the Pacific North and the Pacific South. It seems like Sunnyvale is a central location in California, so I’d suggest looking into both in case people in your area post in either one.

Sunnyvale is Norcal, so Pacific North would be the place to look.