Anyone in the UK producing plexi and artwork?

Firstly I apologize if there is another thread for this info somewhere but I have tried searching for it.
I’ve just bought myself a TE stick and being as I don’t like keeping anything I buy as stock I want to mod it. I’m on the lookout for someone in the UK (or anyone who is prepared to ship at reasonable rates to the UK) to do me some plexi and artwork.

Can anyone help please?


doomy’s ur man

you’ll have to wait a bit tho he’s quite busy these days

Fantastic thank you! :tup: I’ll leave it a week or so before PM’ing him I think lol
Do you know if you have to set your required artwork up to a template or does he do that for you?

thanks again.

you can pm him now just dont expect a quick reply thats all he’s working through his pm’s in order of 1st come 1st serve so the sooner you get your pm in the sooner he’ll get to you. you have to send him the template or the artwork as you want it 6 button layout or 8 ect. check the last page 21 on his thread it’ll tell you what to include in ur order. check this to see how to set up ur template.

Thanks for your help D1MKD :slight_smile: