Anyone interested in a cutom activator/distancer piece?

Well, I recently did Per’s ultimate mod for my Sanwa JLF and after some toying around was really pleased with how it turned out. In short, the stick is now as tight as can be. The throw is below a quarter of an inch… yep, move completely from left to right in under half an inch. But… it’s a solution that relies on taping the activator/restrictor piece.

So I thought I could probably get this as a small series production.

But of course only if there would be a chance people are interested. Also, since this is based on Per’s mod, that means the microswitches are preloaded for a shorter throw, should I either make a piece that tightens the stick with the switches in vanilla condition (makes the stick a bit less responsive) or for the modded verion, for which I should probably also get small custom plastic chips so it works properly for everyone.

Hints, suggestion, love and hate all here.