Anyone interested in a tournament at a seattle area casino? renton actually

i work at freddie’s club in renton. a friend and i have been talking to mgmt about hosting a sf4 tournament and got the ok. we’re looking at sunday april 18 at about 5 oclock or so. $10 dollar entry fee goes 100% to the payouts. the casino will provide some appetisers and a tv. we provide ps3 and two arcade sticks. of course its 21 and over only, and if it goes well, it could become a regular thing. think-street fighter, beer, and blackjack all in one place! if you want to be there, reply. first one probably 20-25 people after that, who knows? kinda stuck w/ sundays right now though because we’d be using the sushi bar area and its only closed on sundays.

Theres a casino in renton?

yah, a few. freddies is right on ranier by fred mayer.

I’d re-think that date. A lot of Seattle cats are going to Portland that weekend for Bragging Rights.

This would be awesome. I’d go with a friend or two.

yeah a majority of us will be in portland.

many of us will be in portland, goin to a tournament that has been planned for MONTHS

  1. as stated, there is intrest in this awesome idea but the date conflicts with Bragging Rights down in Portland. Change the date and we will go.

  2. What kind of tvs will we be playing on? I ask this because most people do not approve of playing games with (any) lag on them. No lag tvs = happy gamers.

the date can probably be changed. tv ill have to let you know later. lcd not sure what brand. ill update details later tonight if i can.

Sounds good man!

whether you change the date or not id be down to go

I used to goto Freddies with a girl I used date. The sushi there is quite nice!

Otherwise, I would be down for this.

alright , sunday april 25th is the new date. 5 or 6 pm. ill post when i get the time locked down for sure. the tv is a phillips by the way, not sure about lag on it. anyways, keep the date open. any ideas or suggestions lemme know.

flat lcd? it will have lag.

u better test it with sf4 before trying to run a tourney. 10 dollar entry to play on a (single) laggy tv is failure.


Super local tournies would be tight. I got a TV I can bring that has 0 lag as well as a system+game+TE fight stick. It’s a 22" widescreen Dynex LCD. If we do move the date and find out the other TV’s are lag-free I’d love to help set up a tourny!

I would love to go to a close tourney, however Im just under the age requirement till june. I know some other peeps who are 21 or over that would definitely be down for that.

not sure if they’d let us bring another tv in, but we dont have to do a ten dollar entry fee. maybe five or whatever. fu#k lets just play some sf4 and drink some beers. we’ve put it on that tv before w/ no probs, but i dont think anyone i play w/ would notice lag-i know i haven’t. lets just start out w/ a friendly tournament and see where it goes. first pitcher is on me! haha. april 25th is the day.


hows the food and is the hennessy cheap on sundays? same with the heinekens? lol im thinkin like 3-5 bucks cheap

WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS is freddie better than skyway park n bowl!? i don’t knw

I’m bumping this because I would like to know if there will be any texas hold’em tournaments while this is going on. My girl loves her poker (lol innuendo).