Anyone interested in Fatal Fury Battle Archives

I am a huge Real Bout fan and Terry Bogard is the best 2D character second to Akuma. Let me know and I will add it to my game to ring to EVO list.

How bout we just join forces al together? Have you heard of what I am trying to accomplish with SNK???

If so familiarize yourself well with this thread…from start to finish and it will answer all your questions…and please come join us!

Let us unite…for 2 are better than one…

how bout Gaoru

im down with Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, and Garou Mark Of The Wolves as main games.

Oh fuck, I may wanna brush up on my Garou skills.

I am up for it, how about KOF 95 also added to that list and even Sam sho 2?

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