Anyone interested in SSF4: AE for PC?

Hey, I’m looking to take advantage of the Steam holiday special on SSF4: AE. It’s discounted to $20, but a 4-pack is $15 per person. It’s not much, but an extra $5 wouldn’t hurt. If you’re interested, let me know before January 2nd (when the deal ends). Happy holidays everyone!

Actually, on second thought, this is my first post here, so I could look sort of sketchy. For what it’s worth, I do a bit of buying and selling over on the XDA forums, so hopefully that builds up my credibility a bit.

looks like they need a couple more here. Steam: SSF4:AE 4 Pack group buy Check it out

Whoops, I guess I didn’t search enough. That’s what I get for being the new guy here. Thanks a lot for directing me to that thread!