Anyone interested?



After seeing the video on the front page about punishing common blockstrings, I got the idea that it might be nice to make a compilation for Gouken.

Would anyone be interested in making videos on a per character basis (they’d obviously be short) about Gouken punishing common blockstrings that are not airtight?

I.E. do one video with say Cody, doing all his blockstrings into specials or common blockstrings and then reacting with Gouken to punish the gaps in the blockstring.


I would, but I don’t have the gear to record


If you guys give me a list I can record it in 720p for you


I could be able to help out with that as well. I just don’t play against a lot of people so I don’t know what’s out there. Post what you guys know and I can do that.


this sounds too good


Why don’t we start with characters that give the old man trouble? Just do the common blockstrings and see if counter or EX tatsu can be mashed between.

Anyone with a recording device want to volunteer a character to start with?


I’m just making sure I’m doing this testing correctly before going whole hog.
I chose Cody as my victim.

- >MP.P< = MP.Parry-able (LP.P & EX.T you can guess from here on no doubt)


  • Any light normals that can be chained on hit, ‘CAN’ leave suitable gap on block, enough to parry. (MP.Parry)

c.lp c.lp c.lp, >MP.P< xx HP.CU
c.lp c.lp, >MP.P< xx HP.CU, >MP>P< s.lp, >LP.P< >EX.T< xx MK.Ruffian/HP.CU, >MP.P< c.lp >MP.P< xx HP.CU,** >MP.P<** c.lp, >MP.P< >MP.P< xx HP.CU, >LP.P<,** >LP.P< **sweep

As you can see I’m just finding holes all over the place.
So I wanted to be sure I’m doing this correctly.
(I first check it combos on hit, then Block it and release block to see if it auto guards the rest. (If it doesn’t then there’s a gap and I choose the appropriate Parries / Tatsus.)

Regarding the blockstrings, are we going for making them as tight as possible or is the above method fine?

As for the combo’s, I’m just pulling them from the Combo Thread over at the Cody Forums.
Apologies if the format confuses, seemed easiest way. Feel free to offer better solutions.


I’d skip blockstrings and instead go with cancels such a normal into a special. You can find tons of combos that are not airtight block strings so it might not be realistic to do those.


Fair enough.
Well one such thing is:

  • Any light normal xx Regular Criminal Upper can be MP.Parried through.
    (ex. [ cr.lp, cr.lp, >MP.Parry< xx HP.CU ])

Or Ex.Tatsu’d, which also covers if they choose to go into MK.Ruffian instead.