Anyone interesting to assembling / building electronics?


As some of you know I produce various gaming hardware, most of it open source. The main one of interest to SRK readers is the SAT>PSX converter, and also the Retro Adapter for PC/PS3 players.

Recently I changed jobs and find I have less time to spend on electronics now. Making hardware takes a lot of time and effort which I could be putting into new projects. So for now I am reducing my output but I thought maybe I should ask if anyone here would be willing to take on some of the assembly work.

As the converters are open source anyone can make them. I can supply special PCBs that fit perfectly into Hammond enclosures, as well as pre-programmed chips - all at cost price. Assemblers can then sell them for whatever they like. It takes the pressure off me and lets people get their converters. My designs are all cost and assembly time reduced as much as possible, the only skill required is reasonable proficiency in soldering and a little bit of simple drilling for the cases (or make your own design!). I suffer from arthritis in my fingers so if I can do it I’m sure you can, and probably a damn sight quicker too :slight_smile:

So is anyone interested in doing this? You could be a hero to all the people who want converters. You will get fan mail and everything. Plus you might even make a few quid if you choose to. People in the US have a particular advantage because they can get the necessary Saturn extension cables very cheaply on eBay, where as I have to pay quite a lot for them in Europe. I will put links on my web site to anyone who is offering.