Anyone intereted in a sanwa flash Darkside stick.?

ON HOLD: Darkside stick

ON HOLD - Best offer gets it. Has a sanwa flash and red sanwa screw ins. Lovingly used and still in very very nice shape. PSONE pcb. Amazing stick for 3rd Strike, really feels natural.

Serious offers only.

Paypal only.

Shipping is $15 with tracking.

Thank you.

PM Box is full…

Empty your PM’s…Seriously. ^I’ll offer more than this guy.

Sorry about that guys, PM box now empty. :slight_smile:

Check your PM’s.

I already got a stick on the way but I just wanted to add that that is a beautiful stick, dude!

What type of PCB is inside it?

yes, i want some inside pics also

also what build is it? his “small” stick type or his “medium” type?

Psone pcb. More pic upon request.

220 current offer. top that and it’s yours.