Anyone interseted in entering the CEVO tourney?

It’s free to enter now, FYI

I would like to see a lot of people enter this one, we only have like 13 people so far, so if you wanna sign up, just follow the proper links and create an account at the CEVO site. It’s XBL only, and sign-ups end on the 25th, so yeah.

good luck to the contestants ^^
I would join if I had a 360.
Will this be on live stream? :o

Thanks for the luck, I’m gonna need it

But yeah, I hope it will be streamed/recorded, I would do it if I had some kind of capture device. NinjaCW, MilkR0und and some Japanese dude (Can’t read his name, not very fluent in Kanji) are gonna be there, so there’s gonna be some high-level play going down.

It’s apparently$5.00 to join. I would join but when you advertise free it should be that.

It’s something I was going to enter, but hey.

Imma add you to see what I would have went up against if I had paid the $5.00.