Anyone just see the little GSN show on on 3d fighters?

It was attack of the show.

They like compared MK : DA, DOA3, and Tekken 5, and the host of the show said the obvious winner was MK : DA, and his reasons: TEH GRAPHIX and TEH BLOODS!!!

They also brought up “there’s Street Fighter” fans, and said something about 2d and no blood.

WTF is up with gamers these days, is that all that matters?

all they care about is how they look, they are to stupid to realize that story should be #1, but then they complain about games not being like they were in the “old days”. You can only play re-makes for so long

That show really isn’t a good gauge for much of anything other than how fast you can pick up a remote.

Haha, super true. If anyone remebers their terrible coverage of Evo. ahahhaahhahaa.

Half of the gamers today are really simple creatures that haven’t matured. MK is a success because it is as simple as they come, the storyline behind the game is usually shit, graphics (particularly animations) are just barely above the shit level, and gameplay while alright wears off over time when you realizes it is basically crap.

But the fact is MK was the shit back in its hey day and the fact that the 3D ones are loaded with stuff to distract you from the game keeps it above recent and more solid (but more difficult to your below average scrub) efforts like Tekken and VF.

oh man , that is sad

i want to hear what they mention about evo …source pls

People who hate on a game because of no blood and it being 2d should not be called gamers. They should be called over paid nerds.

The head of GSN must really want some anthrax in his mailbox if he continues to allow such crap airing on his station.

They said stupid shit such about

  1. Fashion - He made fun of people cause he expects them to dress nicely to a gaming convention on a weekend i guess.
  2. Women - Of course they interview the nerdy fat people.
  3. They show people talking about rushdown and turtling
  4. He tries to play SCII and shows he’s another typical button masher
  5. He talks about how the top 2 finalists didn’t really play for real, since they were friends
  6. He mentions TTT as being the big game at evo

Another thing they had as a feature was just people telling and doing some special moves. Only one i really remember was Dios X telling him about Time Flip and somewhat demonstrating a Raging Storm.

But ,as you can see, no 2d love at all, just shows he’s another typical scrub. Combine all the above that i just told you, imagine their horrible shows, and BAM! you got the EVO coverage by GSN.

I already know they’re horrible and all, but they get worst and worst everytime. Sometimes it amazes me how they do it.

I wish there was someone out there that knows what the hell he’s talking about and can step into the gaming media spotlight and really show the gaming world what the fighting scene is truly about.

Someone who can explain why MK: D is a piece of shit fighter and how great the VF4 engine is in ways that the average viewer/reader could understand. Someone who knows terms like “triangle dash” and “frame advantage”. Some who will cover tournaments and give them the respect they deserve.

can u believe there getting payed for saying stupid stuff like that how lucky :slight_smile:

I can see it now…

“For our next report, sources confirm that Street Fighter turns kids into terrorists…”

it was on G4, NOT GSN

if you’re gonna make a tirade, atleast know who to direct it at

Sometimes I wonder why these people waste their times playing games. Why waste $50 on a game that they just like to look at rather than play, when they could be more cost-effective if they just watched someone else play or download videos of those games?

Who are you talking about? The show or the evo coverage?

LOL at the terrorist comment

Old school is king, now if we wanna talk 3D fighters, Tekken and VF are king. The only good MK games are MK2 and MKT.

Hell yes, I’d turn that shit into Fight Club in a heartbeat. Level the GSN building into the dust, for starters, and hope no one gets shot. If someone did:
“His name is Septimus Prime. His name is Septimus Prime. His name is Septimus Prime.”

. . . right

that evo coverage …literally made SRK cry for such biasness

Are there any people out there who have acting or presentation experience, and look good on camera, AND know the innards of the fighting games and there communities? And if there are those peopleon TV, they probably wouldn’t be liked by the masses, since alot of stuff would go over the head of the average gamer, who wants something pretty, something he can win at, and yet be challenged in a toddler-like way.

People don’t seem to realise that back in the old days, there was no ‘average gamer’ anyone who played computer games was hardcore, since the entire market itself was so niche, I mean you had to type stuff like ‘load “*”,8,1’. It’s only in the last few years that the gaming market has really opened up to the average person.