Anyone kind enough to help me out?

So a few weeks ago, my PS3 randomly went to shit on me. I just got a new one sent to me today. I went on to my PSN store account to recover my games and I CAN’T.

What I’m asking basically is if any of you would be kind enough to game share with me the games I previously had so I don’t have to buy them all over again. Anyone who has traded with me prior to this can vouch for me that I won’t steal anything and will only take what I ask for.

If you hane any of the following games and want to share, please let me know:

Megaman 9
Wipeout HD
Lumines Plus + Classic pack
Puzzle Fighter
Everyday Shooter
Tekken 5 DR
Bionic COmmando Rearmed

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out!

If you know the people you shared it with, you could ask them to log in and deactivate your account on their system under account management. Sorry, I don’t have any slots open to help you out though.

Hey man, I’ll jet you a PM right now.

Just curious, why are you not able to get your games?

It says five people already have my account activated on their ps3’s. So I can’t get the stuff I already bought even though I’m the OG account:bluu:

Never know anyone who used all five downloads of a game.