Anyone knew this one?



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um, did you put the computer to automatic blocking? last time i checked, you can’t connect SOB or MOB without an assist with cyclops in an air combo like that.


i was sure it worked X_x well i could be wrong =/ im sorry


You are the cyclops master?!?!?!?!



I am the cyclops master!

or so i like to think

my biggest cyke accomplishment: playing vs. some mss player at the break and his mags owning up my storm/sent and my making a 2.5 char comeback w/ just the man known as cykeclops

i was pretty happy w/ myself, tony ‘sanford killer’ barnhill thought it was pretty funny and couldn’t stop laughing for like 3 mins… wooo…if only i had GGXX so i could fuckin practice that shit instead of having to brush up on shit for a night the whole night before tournies… suxxxx

yea, i like cykes


IF he had magneto half life, storm full and sentinel full life and he still lost to a character who has one combo. That dude wasn’t any good.

You would have no-chance-in-hell of beating someone with that much advantage. Especially with the 3 best characters in the game losing to a second tier character like Cyclops.

Cyclops master???

What do you know how to do his Rh combos? If so you must be a master because those combos are hard. :lame:

FYI- If i played you my magneto would have raped your cyclops once he came down from superjumping RHing all day. I would have pinned you with the sentinel assist then I would have been all over you. You may have blocked one time luckily, but when you came down again. Its over!!!


ok, let’s talk more shit


cyke ain’t second tier in no shape, form or fashion…you kinda showed your ignorance right there…but i agree with one thing, i wouldn’t lose if i had a whole storm/sent left, not to mention half of magneto…to cyke…somebody would have to be more than a cyke master, more like a cykic god


yea, i agree with the fact that it SHOULDN’T have happened, but look at that julius vid where he ocv’s storm/cable/capcom w/ virtually no assist help at all

it DOES happen from time to time, cyclops just happens to be my 2nd best character (right behind storm) and then sentinel’s there after them, i really know how to use him and just out-played the other guy



You can connect a SOB after a superjump strong. It’s just fucking hard and demanding position-wise.


yea, but he said he did it after a forward, and thanks for that input dasrik

i was doing the infinite and on the way down i tossed in a neutral strong and did SOB by accident (don’t ask) and I swore it connected, I’m gonna mess around w/ it, but after damage scaling, a throw reset into drones s.hkx2 xx SOB will do a LOT more damage