Anyone know a place that has SF IV master guide in stock?


I’ve been looking all over the net for this book and most places have it over priced :lame: or sold out. Is the book any good?


The Internet




You missed out by a day.


the prima guide?


yeah what’s wrong with the prima guide? all you really need is the frame data, I mean what the hell you gonna learn with a guide that was published in october of 08?


alot more info then the prima


If you know how to read Japanese, give it a shot, it has some detail tips for beginners(Like Joysticks positioning tips IIRC)The Prima guide is kind of vanilla when it came to detail, but at least it includes the frame data and such. And plus, the mook one doesn’t included the new characters. If you could get it for cheap, get it, but if not, don’t bother, unless your into collecting.