Anyone know a way to get the Hori 360 sticks useable on PC?

Pretty self-explanatory, I actually thought there was a good chance my new Hori Fighting Stick VF5 model for 360 would work natively with MAME and such, but I was sadly mistaken. Is there any custom software I can pick up to cause my PC to recognize this bad boy?

Sanity check: Have you tried installing the 360 controller drivers? You do need to install the drivers (or at least I did last time I used Windows, which admittedly is a while ago). Use this form:

You also have to enable the joystick option in MAME (in mame.ini, command line, frontend, or however you do it), and specify which joystick action corresponds to what. MAME doesn’t come with too many joystick buttons assigned last I checked…

i didn’t have to download drivers

i never fuddled around with it, but i know some people here had gotten theirs to work with mame from downloading xbcd

Versions of Windows and DirectX do matter, from what I gather. My X360 controller is just plug-it-and-go on my XP box, but a Hori 360 controller may not do that, and I don’t have one to test this theory out with.

XBCD is a driver for Xbox (not 360) controllers, which are USB, just not standard USB (in the unlikely event you don’t already know…). Xbcd 360 is here, and while the description looks like it’s useful, I can’t vouch for it, because I don’t need it and haven’t tried it.

At any rate, I’m still pretty sure MAME needs you to set up joystick commands.