Anyone know about AMD Eyefinity?

I know this is not really a Street Fighter topic, but I don’t know of anywhere else to go so I’m hoping some of you techies will have some input on this.

I recently bought two more of the ASUS VH236H monitors (I currently use one as my PC monitor), and I’m hoping to set it up on my ATI Radeon HD 5770 for Eyefinity.

From all the things I’m hearing online, one of the monitors has to be set up using DisplayPort, but I have heard mixed things about whether or not the monitor has to be DisplayPort native. Some guides say they do, some say they don’t. Have I just wasted money on two more monitors or can I use an adapter to change the signal to DisplayPort to get the third monitor to work?

while one 5770 is capable of running eyefinity… three 1080p monitors would stress the card out. to answer your second question, yeah. you can get a displayport adaptor and it’ll work fine. although the adaptor is around $100…