Anyone know about ff7 movie


Just wondering if anyone knows about the ff7 movie. I hear it’s gonna release in Japan only on dvd maybe? Looks cool though. Heres a linik I found at Korean popmusic site.

They sound pretty convincing to me. Could be fake, but we will see.


yeah that looks preety convincing
though it kinda looks like a game too…eh sequal to the game


damn, that looks dope


I thought it’s a game remake? Well I dunno, not really updated with these kiind of stuff.

Looks cool though. And what is Tidus doing in Cloud’s clothes…


hmmm, looks pretty tight. they have a poll about this at gfaqs


Nope it is not fake…i know for sure because i saw the preview…and its a ff7 movie from the ff7 remake…o yea and also kingdom hearts 2 is coming out YAY…lol and kingdom hearts for GBA is coming out as well


yeah i heard rumors a long time ago that they were remaking FF7, but that it got cancelled when square lost all that money with it’s crappy CG movie. THIS is what they SHOULD have done for the movie! a movie that’s actually FINAL FANTASY, not generic sci-fi crap. i mean the movie didn’t even have any square-esque designs. boring.

anyhow back on topic! if it was a movie i’d be psyched, but i think it’s just from the game. i agree with twelve cloud looks a bit like tidus, but sephiroth looks damned badass! can’t wait to see tifa ----> ( o ) ( o ) !!! oh yeah! and vincent!

and kingdom hearts 2! and for GBA too huh? sweet.


it looks badass, i hope its good.


The FFVII is Indeed a one hour CGI Movie, And it’s a sequel frm the last game…


Just a little more info

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is an hour long cg movie that takes place 2 years after the end of FFVII (I assume before the Red XIII footage). It’s a straight to dvd movie that will be released Summer 2004 in japan.

Go here for a copy of the trailer (DIXV needed).


nice of you to link Bladegash, but the links broken and he no longer hosts the file.


I don’t know what to tell you, stills works for me.


hmm must be me then.


I’ve also heard Squaresoft has plans to make a video game sequal to FFVII that will be released on PS3.:eek: Can anyone else confirm this?:confused: