Anyone know about Wrestle Joystick?

I’m looking to buy my first stick. I would like to mod, so I’m not opposed to switching out buttons to get started.

Does anyone know about this stick?.

The only thing I have against it is I would like a smaller box, to have sit in my lap. Also, where should I look for Templates?

I don’t remember that being called the Wrestle Joystick.
The other one shown on page is though.

As for the Honcam, yes.

i’ve bought that stick and i HIGHLY recommend that you replace the stick as well. you’ll have great difficulty hitting diagonals as the actuators are not big enough so the stick barely registers two actuators at the same time. i had to do a lot of shit and wasted about a day just to fix it. other than that, it’s a nice small case but it’s a little on the light side.

I’ve contacted the manufacturer of the ugly stick in the top part of your website because they claimed that it had ps2/ps3/pc/xb360 compatibility… Guess what, when i wanted them to 100% confirm that it did all 4 consoles they backed out and admitted that it didn’t.

You’re a lot better off just buying a Madcatz SE (or TE).

Looks like just your bog standard PS2 & PS3 Mayflash, but with 2 very unnecessary 28mm buttons at the top for ‘start’ & ‘select’.

It’s not exactly cheap, and because there’s not yet any information on the guts (common ground?), I’d go for Datel’s ArcadePro instead. If you desperately need PSX compatibility, you can always dual mod it yourself very cheaply.

EDIT: just seen the Honcam post above.