Anyone know all the karathrows?

I want to know the karas for all the characters. I know akuma is grab and chun is mk grab.

check out the tutorial video in combovideos, some karathrows are garbage but i’m good with Q and his b+mp throw kara is damn good

how about hugo? does he have one? How?

hugos is, but you might as well 360 instead.

I didn’t see a tutorial video for karathrows. I only saw a makoto one.


What you can do, is go into the character specific forums, and learn their kara-throws.

I was going to post the list of kara throws I have in the strat guide, but then you bumped after only an hour of waiting.

now you have to be patient.

the actually useful are

Q :
Chun Li: fk
Remy: rk
Akuma/Gouki and Ryu:
Alex: f.hp

That guy’s an actual tourney player, so don’t worry. I’m not sure how recently it’s been updated, so some characters might have better ones now. I dunno.

Edit: Changed link. Scroll down the page, it’s there somewhere. But yeah it hasn’t been updated since 2001 so some things are diff.

Oh… they had it on gamefaqs… I should have checked there myself… How come he only lists the roundhouse for chun?

His kara is even better.

Really? How? Only benefit that I know is you don’t have to throw them behind you… and if they cross you up. Still hs nice range though.

BTW: You can’t link directly to FAQs on gamefaqs.

There is this place called I hear they have other sections than the forums.

Well if ur back against the corner of course its good to throw ur opponent into the corner, but range wise I think the has more distance.