Anyone know any places that are hiring in 626?

I’ve been looking for a job for a while but not a lot of places are hiring:mad:, I live in west covina, so I’m looking for anywhere within a 5-10 mile radius that you might know of.

so far I’ve applied to everywhere within a 1 mile radius and gotten a few interviews but nothing yet~

anyone know spots that are hiring close by?

applied at the mall, had about 4-5 interviews last summer, i thought they went well but apprently not:sad:. I check craigslist every other day.

2 years retail experience, if that matters. no spanish.

Try a head hunter (job agency).

what are your qualifications, skills, etc…

education level, desk job, sales job, or what?

I hit up a agency called ‘man power’, did the test and interviewed with them for my info, but I guess they didn’t find anything for me.

HS Diploma, In college(freshman), 2 years retail experience. Pretty open schedule only go to school 3 days a week, looking for retail/sales. desk job would be nice perhaps.

thanks for the reply!

Target is always hiring, especially if you apply at the new store on Amar and Azusa :wink:

u can work in the warehouse department for Gamefly in the city of industry. Newegg is always lookin for people too i believe

Really ?? wow the mall usually hires anybody when theyre hiring haha

Maybe you sucked on your interviews lol, but anyway goodluck

for freshmen job hunting i’d suggest actually finding a place at your school, whether it be the computer labs or the library assistants, lots of students get hired at school cuz its convenient between classes…

anyway my job opening was for a career counselor, but they need some college education… and theyre located in Alhambra

i was a computer lab consultant…school jobs are boring but convienant. After work, i go to the school arcade and own scottind.

cool, i’ll apply on online as well.

do you have an adrress by chance it didn’t come up on google?

Yah I went on an interview at finishline with the manager, i came pretty well dressed fresh shave, haircut, shined shoes, spoke well of myself. he asked me a few questions and half the time he wasn’t even looking at me. went on an interview with victoria secret went pretty well, only male that showed up wearing a tie. went on an interview at sears, went well but i had a weird school schedule that only had 3 full days so they said no. almost got an interview @ gap but couldn’t make the interview because of a midterm.

I don’t know I’ve never had a ‘bad’ interview i can remember, I always speak well and have informed answers nothing like “Well I’m just looking for a job =/”, I always speak well of of the company and their image and how I can promote positive customer relations etc etc.

that might be good but I go to pasadena city, and I only go 3 days a week really so it’s kind of far to drive every single day for minimum wage.