Anyone know anything abou resin kits?

Alright, I found a couple of Vanessa figures on ebay and I was just wondering, how difficult is it to assemble and more importantly paint these kits? I don’t paint anything or have any art expertise, I just want some balla-ass figures of vanessa. If anyone can help me out with this, I would greatly appriciate it.

Here are the figures I’ve been eyeing:

I’ve been looking at the Solid Snake resin there but I don’t know how to assemble it or anything.

You might want to ask the action Figure thread in the Comic book Forum here.

I got a resin a long time ago. I painted it and it looked ok. Basically shiny paint to me, looks corny. I think matte is the way to go unless it’s leather or plastic. Even so, I’d still take matte over gloss any day.
About the paint job. It’s kind of hard to control if you are using a brush. I think alot of pros airbrush it so you can’t see any indication on brush work. I could be mistaken though. Hope that helps.

i would definetly buy this one…

thanks guys, I’ll try that action figure thread