Anyone know anything about these?

how any of them perform ?? thanks

they are like the buttons found on ticket games i think. not really worth putting if you play on playing with them. maybe something cool like a start button.

These are buttons designed for Pachinko and Slot machines.

They will do no good on an arcade stick / panel…
But as said above, for start and select, it might be funky, but otherwise…
(except of course if you are building a Pachinko machine panel…^^ )

Imagine all your attack buttons as hearts.

It’s probably the same exact feel as the regular OBSFs but it would be a pain in the butt to mount them. You would have to make a stick that’s really tall. If you want to have your stick with light up buttons just follow Tingboy’s guide on using Seimitsu PS-14s. The thread is found here.