Anyone know how KO does the xover in this vid?

Is he kara-UOHing at 2:35 to crossup? I’ve been trying it offline for a bit now using the exact same scenario and I can’t get it for anything.

I imagine what? rh upkicks, as soon as you land, jump and rh divekicks then kara uoh?

I figure I’m not hitting the karauoh so I’m not getting over the roll.

Any help?

Edit: Took video out.

Here’s the scenario:

Yun crossover divekicks Akuma in the corner right after GJ and does 123Upkick(RH I believe). He then takes to air and crosses to the other side using what I assume is RH divekick. As soon as he lands he uses a UOH to crossover as Akuma is quickrolling.

Is this a karauoh? Or have I just been slow thus far?

just to let you know, you will get banned for posting sbo videos.

OK well…

That’s retarded. It’s like 4 years old.

I’ll edit it out.

some people can be crossed over with uoh, i don’t remember akuma being one of them but maybe if he quick rolls you can.

Try to do your RH dive kick as early in the jump as possible. I’ve done it on Gouki and Ken.

EDIT: I don’t kara UOH.