Anyone know how to fight Akuma in SSFIIX?

I have been playing this game a lot, I beat it without losing a single match and I still fight Bison as a final boss!! How to I get to fight Akuma in Super Street Fighter II X or Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary? Thanks in advance.

I think in addition to not losing a round, you have to defeat every opponent you face in at least one round with a super move.

I’m pretty sure you have to get a combination of 4 super kos or perfect wins. either win counts towards the total.

I disagree with you both. I’ve never pulled off a super KO against the AI nor have perfect wins (not with Zangief I don’t), and sometimes Akuma still pops in to kick my ass. However, I have run though the game without losing a round.

I’m pretty sure it’s random.

Its not random,
you should reach the final boss within xxxx seconds(cant remember the exact time)

I remember it like that too.

Thanks everyone, now I should be able to try this out. I am ready to fight Akuma!!

I make a mistake,
Reaching the final boss within xxxx seconds is
the only requirement,
No CONTINUE is not the requirement.
so you might fight Akuma even coutinue,
of course it waste time.

There is a easy way to fight Akuma,
you can fight the 11 human enemies to reach the final boss
within xxxx seconds easily.
you can reach Akuma without fighting any computer enemies.

Can you tell me what this “xxxx” time is?

I think the point is to know exactly how to.

beat all the 11 opponents(either cpu or human) to reach the final boss within 1500sec.
sec=the time counter in the game,not the real time.

well if u don’t lose a round ther’s no way not to fight akuma at the end u’ll get him every single time.
no continues of course.
getting kuper kos or perfects help. do not lose rounds vs the bosses.

that’s about it. i’ll have to try the 1500 sec thing - never done that. :karate:

If you waste too much time in every round,
you will still fight Bison even u don’t lose a round. use 80 sec(19 sec left)in every round.
you will have 22rounds(u don’t lose a round)to reach the final boss.
Total time to reach the boss=80X22=1760sec>1500sec,
and Akuma will not appear.

The 1500 second thing is bullshit man, at least for Hyper Annniversary Edition. To reach Akuma, you just simply can’t lose any rounds until you get to Bison, then Akuma will pop up. I added my seconds, purposedly lost a round to a nonboss, and still didn’t fight Akuma when I got to Bison. Anyways I beat the game’s “Hardest” mode,never lost a round, even to Akuma, and they rewarded me with a special ending.


The special ending is that after your normal ending for the character you use, you get to see everyone else’s ending consecutively, and a really cool japanese music plays in the background(I would recommend you guys gettig this special ending just for the music), and after that, you get a poster of all the SF2 characters doing their victory pose.

End Spoilers

Anyways, I just wanted to say the 1500 second thing was bullshit, later.

never understood the conditions.
Once, we switched on the cps2 and we played a lot in vs mode, never ever against the cpu. All the characters were used, and a Guile player had a big streak.
At some point, the next challenger didn’t join immediatly, and the Guile player had to fight against Akuma, without ANY match played against the CPU since the cabinet was switched on.

The 1500sec thing is right for Super Turbo,
you can try out by emulator.

you should add all the seconds you use(including winning and
losing rounds),
If you dont believe me,try to play Super Turbo,
add all the seconds you use(not the time left) in every round,
If it<1500secs, Akuma will come out.

p.s.seconds used=99-time left.

By the way, I have only try the 1500sec thing in ST only,
but havent try this out in AE.

Dunno where all these crazy mythical ways to fight Akuma came from, but here’s the real way to do it in Super Turbo. (Not sure if it was changed in AE.)

You must either:

  1. Get to the last stage in less than 1500 seconds
  2. Have a score of 1,200,000 or above.
  3. Beat 12 human opponents in a row, then during your win quote on the 12th victory, hold any attack button for longer than 2 seconds.

Methods 1 and 2 must be done without continuing.

how do you pick him?

when you saying everyone’s ending, do you mean you see special pics like Ryu shoulder charging a punk, sage doing 1 finger push ups and that or what ?