Anyone know how to izuna drop a sakura during her focus attack?

My friend plays a sick sakura, and Whenever he focus attacks, I can’t seem to find the sweet spot to drop him. Usually, its just a matter of being behind their head, but instead, it just comes out as a claw attack. This then results in me suffering a brutal sakura combo, and completely losing my momentum. Does anyone know where the sweet spot is for her focus attack? Thanks in advance.

Usually there’s no point trying to izuna a focusing Sakura and Honda (or any character that massively shrinks their hitbox while focusing). But if you really wanna do it just go for Sakuras shoulder. You won’t get it on a regular basis though be warned.

Wall-dives (of any variety) are a really bad idea against Sakura…

Yeah, I’ve learned that the hard way too. It’s either her FA or c.hp which can give Vega a rough time.

^ What he said.

Oh man :(. I find that to be so defeating. Well thank you. While we are on the topic of Sakura though, does anyone have any tips for her matchup?

Be aware when facing Sakura that her BnB combo usually will start with : > shunpukyaku (tatsumaki, any variation).
A good Sakura can string/mixup a couple of those together when using the light tatsu… once they’ve got an U2 (shinku hadoken) stored, you’ll start noticing they really want to land > EX tatsu > U2 upward.
Avoid walldives, her c.hp has a wider radius than it looks… and as mentioned above, her FA will shrink her hitbox.
Also, your typical izuna drop > > safe jump is not so safe against her, because a good Sakura knows she can stuff that easily with a shoryuken. (her shoryuken will actually land, because it moves her forward, in contrary to other shoto’s where the shoryuken should miss because of your safe jump).

Trying avoiding/baiting those tatsumaki’s, if she ends up missing any of those, it puts her in a very vulnerable position, which is your cue to punish heavily.
A good Sakura will have to rely on mindgames just as much as a good Vega has to, in order to win. Keep a close eye on her EX bar, as she heavily relies on those blocks for EX-tatsu and mixup FADC.

Meaty wall-dive > Sakura. Especially with no meter.

Random wall dives wont work against her…but wall dives on her wake up is good.

I have to disagree about the wall dives. If I’m playing an experienced Sakura, I leave them out. Here’s the thing about Sakura, she has to actively search for an opening that she can then combo into. This is the main reason you will see a lot of Sakura players attempt a lvl 2 FA on you; they are trying to create an opening. Your wall dive missing or getting blocked is actually worse then if it gets stuffed by her cr.HP. The reason being is that Vega’s recovery time after landing from a missed / blocked wall dive is terrible. What you’ve done is essentially created the opening for her, for free. And as I found out last night from playing a really good Sakura, once her combo workshop gets going things get real ugly, real quick.

Wall diving Sakura out side of corner loop, or combo’s = rookie mistake.

also that song they play on the show “chowder” while truffles finally makes friends with the orange elephants is godlike. also have any of you played that new scott pilgrim game on xbl. its amazing!

i don’t know about that chowder song…but chowder is god like

I know exactly what song he’s talking about, and he’s absolutely right. It’s fantastic. :3

And Scott Pilgrim The Movie: The Game really is awesome. Everything from the art-style, to the nostalgic beat-em-up gameplay rocks. And I looooove the soundtrack by Anamanaguchi. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Oh and avoid using walldives outside of combo’s or meaty setups. Srsly.

That game is fucking godlike.

Chowder, Flapjack, and Finn and Jake are all amazing.