Anyone know how to Link Balrog's Buffalo Headbutt into his Ultra in SFIV?

It says I can’t post in the SFIV forums cause I don’t have 50 posts anyways…

Well I’m having trouble linking Balrog’s Buffalo Headbutt + Ultra. I’m using the 360 Controller so bear with me. Any tips? Thanks:wgrin:

Charge d/b then press u/b for headbutt so you still have b charge for ultra.

if you still have trouble gootecks made a whole boxer video guide for players just like you! and i think he demonstrates the move too and goes over how to do it, so that you know where to go when you start wondering how people are doing it off their jabs. youtube it or something


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how do u do shoryuken motion

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Lol, I bet an srk would still come out in SF4 with that motion.


Yeah you go to SF4 balrog section and look up how to do it.

Wait, I know this one…

No man, NamyNam actually posted Boxer’s secret kick move.