Anyone know how to mount these switchcraft RJ45's?

I know they are supposed to go into a 24mm hole but there is no way this thing is getting in there. Do you have to take them apart or something? Plus, what is the screwsize for the little holes?

No, they fit in 24mm holes. You kinda have to wedge it in, though.
I used #4 countersunk screws (I think, not sure).

I am trying to get this thing in and its not even close.

Trying to get this thing apart, looks like I would break the entire thing.

Stick the larger plastic part in first, then try to stick in the side withshorter plastic in second. Twist slightly while pushing it in making sure it is straight. If you have a less than manly grip, try using a hobby knife to bevel the edge of the hole to help make it easier.

If your hole isn’t straight or if you are not a guy that anyone has ever asked to open a jar for them you might have trouble.

Happs Hands to the Rescue

Or if you use Sanwa buttons.

Yeah let me explain, I am putting 2 of these in a MAS, 1 in a TE and 1 in an SE. I havent bought the drill bit yet but tried it through the TE start buttons. Is there a hole size in between 30mm and 24mm? 30 is a little to big.

Bumping my own thread, for the screws are you just drilling small holes to get it started? Dont want to use too big of a hole. I still cant get this thing through a 24mm hole. Going to dremel some space above and under it so I can squeeze it through.