Anyone know how to repair scratches/cracks on a plastic case?

Refurbishing a plastic stick. I have a few deep scratches and some areas where it is torn up a little from being dropped or something. It will be painted with a Vinyl Dye. I was thinking some kind of car body filler?

I would assume that some Bondo would do the trick, but I haven’t used it to fill anything but gouges in MDF.

JB weld makes a plastic filler puddy that can be purchased at home depot .etc I have used it to make top loaders for Hrap cases so it should work work for small imperfections there is also a plastic welders but that is a more expensive endeavor

NOVUS #3 for deep scratches in plastic.

Not so deep. More like bad scrapes. That JB weld might do it. I will be painting it with Duplic Color. Just filling the scratch should be fine.

Stick with something that is made of plastic used to fill plastic. You’re using vinyl dye, so that’ll only stain plastics. You’ll get a different effect with body filler or some other material if you try vinyl dying them.

Could always try NOVUS #2 for not so deep. I keep all 3 versions.

If it will be repainted and only scratches, just use a good primer before doing the final coats of paint. The primer should fill in the scratches (use multiple thin coats vs one thick coat). Bondo will work but is toxic, use in well ventilated area and let it dry completely (may take up to a week or so; varies on humidity and temperature) before taking it indoors IMO (if you can smell it it’s still not completely dry). But if you use bondo or any other product you’ll probably be using primer as well, so might as well eliminate the bondo and just use primer (unless you’re fixing a crack).

Short-strand-fiber-reinforced-body-filler might be what you’re looking for, cures pretty quick.

Video of it being used.

The only JB weld product I see on Home Depots site is a Silicone Caulk. I would love to get something from HomeDepot or an auto body store that I can buy tonight. Didn’t think about the plastic part of it. I would need something that would not appear different when covered by the dye.

i repair and paint cars for a living and do plastic repairs alot the cheapest easiest way to fix that is to get a glazing puddy from autozone it comes in a small tube for only a few dollars. make sure you sand the surface so the puddy will stick then get a spray can of filler primer wait for it to dry then sand smooth. water sanding always gives you a better surface to paint on hope this helps good luck.

Going to swing by Autozone tonight. I picked up that putty from HD but its blue and doesnt like the dye would work on it unless it cures and changes. Starting to wonder if I should just paint and clear coat the thing.

I think its probably cheaper and easier to just prime and paint this thing. That scratch is long and deep. What paint + Clear coat could I use? I am assuming Krylon is out.

Krylon fusion is pretty good. It’s meant for plastics. No priming needed, just do several several light coats until it’s on nice and strong.

+1 on glazing putty if you’re going to paint. Easy to apply, just get a spatula or strong piece of thin cardboard and apply some into the cracks/scratches. Let it dry, and sand it flat with the case.

I used Krylon fushion before but it came off and chipped. I think I will clear coat it this time. Is there a certain Clear coat best suited for this?

Any paint not properly put on properly, and protected will chip off very quickly after drying.

I’d use vinyl dye instead of Krylon fusion.

I was going to use that but it would cost too much to get this deep scratch out. Its just easier to cover it.

Paint wont cover the scratch. It’ll still show. A tube of glazing putty cost only a few dollars at walmart, I dont see how that;s expensive.

Sorry we are getting mixed up. I meant if I was going to use Vinyl Dye like I originally wanted too. If I am using paint then glazing putty, JB weld or whatever is a fine option. I would have loved to just use the dye but any cheap option to repair that scratch that the vinyl dye would also cover seems like its too much.