Anyone know how to suppress mplayer console window from command line?


needed an app to run a video as part of Maximus arcade auto boot sequence on my blast city. mplayer functions exactly as I need it to from command line except that little annoying console window that pops up. There used to be an app called mplayerhide or something but I don’t see it around anymore…

anyone out there know a way to disable/hide the mplayer console window when running from comm. line?



I usually use screen to do this

screen -dmS nameOfScreenSessionGoesHereAndCanBeAnythingYouWant mplayer path/to/file


oops strogg- should have said I was running in windows…

Robbie, I’ll try that solution you linked tonight. Thanks!


JYEAH- Robbie, you saved the day! :slight_smile:

I asked on some forums specifically related to media players and nobody had a solution. Way to go SRK!