Anyone know how to transfer Info from one computer to Another?

I want to transfer a crap load of stuff from an old desktop to a new desktop; Is there any way of doing this other than putting a crap load of things on CD and downloading it into the other computer?

Zip it up and upload it to Filefront. Or if you have an Ipod/MP3 player you could use that. Or I’m pretty sure you can pick up a USB cable and hook them up.

put the old hard drive into the other.

I have a feeling he won’t know how to do this.

Burn them onto DVD’s, they hold a crap load of stuff.

If you have a router or switch, Hook them both up to the same network and share out the folder(s) you want to move

Yeah, burning to DVD is easy, almost 5GB at a time. It’s probably your easiest option…

crossover cable

I would go the network way. Everybody bound to have a router these days.

Anyone know more about this?

Yeah, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea about hardware stuff. I would think there would be some kind of cable I could connect to the two and just start transferring…

The easiest things to do are either burn a CD/DVD, or buy an external harddrive. Copy the data to the external drive, plug it into the new computer and copy it over.

A crossover cable is a special ethernet cable that creates a direct link between two computers, as opposed to connecting them to a router, switch or hub.

I think this would be the best option. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and you’ll be able to use this in the future. Trust me on this.

Agreed, flash drives are pretty invaluable, and they’re cheap as fuck.
1GB ones are as low as $12 new in store. If you don’t have a DVD burner a flash drive is the most simple way to data transfer if you don’t know anything about networking 101. I have one on a swiss army knife, always handy.